Monday, February 28, 2011


Sometimes it's hard to listen.
We all do it. We'll pretend to be listening to a parent, teacher, or friend, but really all we're thinking about is how to get our homework done super-fast or what we had for lunch on Saturday.
But what about your bestest friend? Would you just stop listening to her? That would be a little rude, wouldn't it?
I try to think of God as my bestest friend. He's always there, watching us through our trials and fears. For some of us, that's comforting. Sometimes, it seems a little creepy. But other times, do you push God to the back burner?
Sometimes, I regret to say, I do not listen to God. He'll be trying to tell me something, like a little thought that keeps nudging at my heart, but I'll push it to the side and keep moving on with my daily life like He's not important at all.
But He's the most important person of all!
You would think that it wouldn't be too hard to remember what He's done for us - brought us into the world, died for our sins, given us mercy and grace. But all too often, I do forget. And that's when I need to sit still and just listen for Him.
Do you have a quiet time to talk to God? If so, that's terrific. But remember, God is your friend. It's okay to tell your troubles to him, but remember that a friend will give responses to your conversation. Take time to listen for Him just as much as you talk. After all, sometimes it's annoying when a friend dominates a conversation, right?
I go on long walks to listen for God. Being in his creation makes me feel closer than ever to Him, and sometimes, especially when I'm feeling troubled, I hear His answer for my problem.

Take some time this week to listen for your Father. Love Him like a best friend.

--Mary Catherine

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