Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bloom! Staff Behind The Scenes-KyAnn

I also have a personal blog but it is invite-only at the moment plus I rarely post anymore because of my lack of time. So I decided to post my post on the staff blog! :)

1. Your blogging name, age/birthday (if you're allowed to reveal it on blogger), location (as detailed as allowed) and Bloom! staff position: (also - this is a great place to share your picture!)

Hey, ya'll! (Side note: No, I am not from the South; I just adore the word ya'll and relish any chance I get to say it without awkward backward glances! :) I'm KyAnn, the editor/manager and creator of Bloom! Magazine. Nice to meet you-if I haven't yet! I am 14 years old and will be 15 (eep!) on April 11. I live in the Midwest in Wichita, Kansas. Wichita's population is around 300,000 or so people and I love it! I'm not a big city girl, but definitely not a country girl, either! So I love Wichita and I've been born and raised here.

P.S. By the way, I apologize that my picture has a camera in front of my face but I seriously have almost zero photos of me because I'm always behind the camera. The only slightly decent photo I could find at the moment is this one, which, of course, still has my baby in it (my camera). Oh well. If I find one in the next couple of weeks without my camera in it, I'll add that to the post. Does anyone else have this problem?

2.  How many siblings do you have and what are their names/ages?

I am the oldest of four children. I have two sisters-Kenna, 12, and Kessa, 6. I also have a brother, Raydn, 9. I love being the oldest-most of the time! Except, of course, those occasions that I am designated to babysit the "sibs" when I already have plans. But, other than that, it's great! :)

3. How are you educated (homeschool, private school, public school, etc)?

I am currently homeschooled and I love it!! I hope to continue my home school education through high school. Just to give you a little history, I went to public school from kindergarten through seventh grade. At the start of my eighth grade year, my family made the switch to homeschooling and I absolutely love it!! I love the freedom, flexibility, and I definitely enjoy sleeping in later. Lol.

4. What denomination of Christian are you? What are your personal Christian beliefs, in a nutshell? (Realize that I'm definitely NOT trying to start any debates about Christianity here, so be charitable while answering this question or commenting on others' answers.)

Heehee, um, none? Actually, my church is a "non-denominational" church. So I am simply Christian! I believe that everyone who has ever walked this earth, except Jesus Christ, is a sinner and without Jesus would never be allowed into heaven. I believe that God sent his Son, Jesus Christ, down to earth to save me and you from our sins. I believe that Jesus Christ died and rose again. Because He took our sins and died on the cross for them, we have been given unbelievable grace from our sins. Jesus Christ is my personal Lord and Savior! I take every day with Him at my side and I strive to view Him as my best friend. That is something that has been somewhat of a struggle for me, simply because He is obviously not here in-the-flesh. But I'm working on it! So those are my beliefs "in a nutshell" (heehee, love ya, Hannah!). 

5.What are some of your hobbies - such as sports, musical instruments, artistic talents, etc.

Well, let's see, I am most certainly not into sports (every time I try it seems that I end up with a ball to my face! Not a good combination, by the way!) and I can't draw-at all. Unless cartoons and stick figures count! :) Some of my hobbies are reading, writing, photography (!!!), graphic design, babysitting, cooking, baking, talking and giggling late into the night with my best friend, running the magazine (of course!), and eating cookie dough or hot fudge sundaes. Love. :)

6. Describe your personality in a few sentences:

Okey-dokey! In real life, I am fairly quiet when I first meet a person. I don't like to make waves or take charge or be bossy. I just like to kind of fade into the background a little bit at first. But, once I get to know you, I will talk a mile a minute, giggle fanatically at crazy inside jokes, and jump up and down and/or hug you like I haven't seen you in years when in all actuality, it has only been hours. So, beware! I am more of a night person than a morning person and if you give me caffeine plus stay up until the wee hours of the morning with me, consider yourself warned that I can get a little bit crazy and wild. We're talking insane laughter at, like, 3 AM for absolutely no reason at all! I have also been told that I am a "go getter" (the magazine is evidence of that!). I definitely try to go after my dreams and goals to the best of my ability!

7. Do you consider yourself more of a girly-girl or a tomboy? Or somewhere in between?

I'm really neither, or somewhere in between. I lean more towards girly-girl, though. Like I said, I'm really not into sports at all and I loathe getting dirt under my fingernails (pet peeve of mine!) and bugs make me scream in terror! I promise, though, I'm not a flaky, princess girly-girl. I wouldn't really say that I'm overally girly-girlish, I'm just not a tomboy. I paint my nails, do my hair (usually for about 5 minutes because I pushed snooze on my alarm clock too many times!), occasionally pick out super-cute outfits (when I haven't slept in too long!), and put on makeup every day. So would you consider me to be a girly-girl?

8. Picture yourself ten years from now. What will you be doing, where will you be living, etc?

Well. This is a hard question because I have no idea what God has planned for me! But, if I were to plan it out, this is what it would look like: In ten years, I would be 24-25. I hope to be married, have at least one child, have plans to adopt, be a stay at home, homeschooling mom, and own our own house. I also hope to still be running Bloom! Magazine (maybe even have the magazine in print?!)! 

9. What is some of your favorite books? Favorite movies? Favorite foods?

Sorry, but I really can't answer the favorite books question. I have too many! Plus, my favorite book changes depending on what book I read recently. I love Amish books and Christian teen fiction. Some of my favorite authors are Melody Carlson, Sandra Byrd, Nancy Rue, and Beverly Lewis. My favorite movie would probably be Fireproof or The Last Song. Chick flicks are my favorite movies!!

10. What got you interested in becoming a part of Bloom?

Haha, well, since I kind of started Bloom! I can't say how I found out about Bloom or anything. But I can tell you how it is that I went about starting Bloom! Will that be ok? I saw the need for wholesome, Christian magazines in the world (online and otherwise!) and felt a tugging on my heart that I should start a Christian magazine. But, at first, I really didn't want to do that. Yes, it would be fun but it would also be a lot of hard work and it would be a stretch for me, taking me way out of my comfort zone. To give you the shortened version, I did (obviously!) eventually respond to God's call and took a step in faith and created this magazine. I have loved this experience and though it has been tough at times, I truly can say that I am super glad that I followed God and created this magazine. Besides, if I hadn't, I wouldn't have met all of ya'll (there's that word again!)! :)

11. What's one way - or more - that you've been blessed, inspired, and/or challenged through becoming a part of Bloom?

Where do I begin?! I have been so blessed by each of the staff members of Bloom! Magazine. Not only have I made some amazing new friends but you guys are really inspiring to me personally. When I see the ways that you are striving to become closer to God, it makes me want to do more of that. Your articles reveal so much about your heart and your character and how you live your lives for Christ! I look up to several of the older girls on the staff and they have really shown me what it's like to live a life fully set-apart for Jesus Christ. Bloom! has challenged me because it has made me really step out of my comfort zone. Like I said earlier, I typically am not a take-charge, bossy type of person (especially with people I have never met!!) but being the editor has forced me into a leadership position. That has really helped me to stretch myself and do some things that I had never done before. I still don't like being bossy but I'm getting to where I can take charge (not in a bossy way, but a kind way!) when needed.

12. What is your favorite thing about Bloom! as well as one thing you would like to see improved behind-the-scenes?

My favorite thing about Bloom! is reading the emails that have been sent to me telling me how much the magazine has blessed, inspired, or challenged them. I love seeing the results of our work at Bloom! Magazine. Another one of my favorite things is getting to work with all of you lovely ladies! I really do love each of my new friends that I have met through Bloom! and it is such fun working with you and getting to know each of you better personally. One thing I would like to see improved behind-the-scenes is staff interaction. I know I need to work on this more! I would like to see the staff working together more, getting ideas from each other, and helping each other out. I really would like it to be like a close family behind-the-scenes. Now I just have to figure out how to make that happen! :) Any suggestions?

13. What brings you inspiration?

Nature brings me inspiration, seeing God's glorious creation every single morning. As you know, I am a photographer and a writer. Photography helps me to see beauty in even the most simple things. I can go outside and find a blade of grass with dew sprinkled on it and that is beauty to me. But, ultimately, it is God's nature itself that brings me inspiration. Wonderful things in nature inspire me to capture a photo in a new and more creative way. Nature inspires me to script beautifully descriptive words into a notebook, describing the glory and awe-inspiring creation of our Father.

14. If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? Who would you take with you and how long would you stay?

If I could travel anywhere in the whole entire world, I would go to Paris, France. Or on a cruise to the Bahamas. It's a toss-up; can I go to both?! :) I have always wanted to go to the Bahamas as well as Paris, so that is where I would choose to go. If I had to choose only one, though, I would probably pick Paris. Ah...the city of love, with its twinkling lights, magnificent views, impeccable fashion, and delicious food. Who would I take with me? Why, of course, I would take all of you with me! If I could choose anybody, I would honestly choose to take all of you lovely ladies (so I could meet all of you in real life!), my best friend (who is actually on the staff, anyway!), as well as her mom and sister, my mom, and my sister. Wouldn't that be super fun?! I agree! Let's start planning it! *wink* If only...

15. What's your favorite dessert/treat?

Hot fudge sundaes!!!! And cookie dough. And fudge brownies. Enough said.

16. Coffee, tea, or soda?

Soda all the way! Although, we call it pop here (haha, I love all the discussion on whether to call it soda, pop, or coke!). My all-time favorite drink is Dr. Pepper!! So, if you ever happen to have me over to your house and would like suggestions on drink selections, go with Dr. Pepper. :) I'll drink tea, but I don't adore it. And I really don't like coffee-at all. I know, I know. I do enjoy the "froofy" drinks at Starbucks, minus the coffee (another Hannah quote! Gotta love her!). :)

17. What's your favorite color combination? Or combinations? ;-)

Green and blue, orange and hot pink, and grey and light pink. :) Although I don't really think about it that much, only when I'm designing something on the computer. Or picking out something for my room. Or randomly drawing smilie faces and doodling. Ok, so maybe I do think about it occasionally.  

18. What's your favorite time of year? What about least favorite?

Honestly, I always say that winter is my favorite time of year during summer but then I say summer is my favorite time of year during winter, soo... I think I'll go with fall and spring because it's nice and cool, but not freezing and not blazing hot! :) I really don't know, though, I'm very confused about the subject.

19. Would you rather have one very close best friend or a group of close friends?

One very close best friend. But, I would love to have both! Right now, I have one very close best friend (you know who you are!) as well as quite a few close friends and several just "normal" friends. The best of both worlds!

20. Who is a role model for you in your life today (could be your mom, grandma, family friend, celebrity, etc.)?

I actually have a lot of role models! My mom is a role model for me for sure but I also have several older friends and ladies that I know from my church and such that are role models for me. I don't think you have to have just one. I think it is good to have many people that you look up to and can go to for advice. Just my little opinion.

21. Share a favorite quote or Bible verse. Why is it your favorite?

My favorite Bible verse is

Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord. "Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future."

I love this verse because it reminds me that God is in control and that He has a perfect plan for me. He knows exactly what He is doing and He has every day planned out for me. It shows me that I just need to trust and rest in Him.

22. What is one thing that you've been trying to accomplish in 2011?

One thing that I have been working on lately is spending quiet time with God every morning. Reading the Word, praying, and just being still and listening for His quiet voice. Let me tell you, it is not as easy as it sounds! Just being quiet and still is actually quite challenging. But I'm working on it.

23. What is one way (or more!) that you are trying to strengthen your relationship with Jesus right now?

Right now I am focusing on reading God's Word more and spending time in prayer. Also, I am going to start memorizing more Scripture than just what is required of me for school and such. Memorizing Scripture is a great way to get to know more about Christ, grow closer to Him, and it is definitely an amazing tool (especially when talking to non-believers!)! I totally recommend it.

Bloom! Magazine is an online, Christian magazine for tween and teen girls. It is geared towards 11-20 year old young ladies. It features inspiring articles, recipes, an advice column with questions from our subscribers, amazing interviews, and much, much more in each issue! If you are interested in subscribing to Bloom! Magazine, visit today! You won't regret it!

This has been great fun!! I really enjoyed doing it and I love reading all of the posts! I can't wait to see more as they pop up each day! :) Thanks again, Hannah, for organizing this! You are an amazing, super sweet girl. And so are the rest of you. Love you all! :)



Maria said...

Hey KyAnn,
I enjoyed reading through all your answers! I wonder if it's just something with girl's that they always like to laugh? My sisters and I can get to laughing SO hard when we get tired...and when we're not tired...
Oh, and I thought that doing this 'questionnaire" was a really good idea!!!

Maria H.

Allison said...

Maybe laughing is a girl thing, because I laugh just when something pleases me. KyAnn, I loove that picture of you!!


Hallie Jo said...

I loved reading your answers, KyAnn!! Your descriptions of laughing till 3AM with your best friend sound just like me with my best friend!! We actually even made it to 4AM the last time we got together... :)

God bless!!
Hallie Jo

KyAnn said...

Yes, laughing must be a girl thing-and especially a BFF thing! :)

Aww, thanks so much, Allison. You're too sweet. :) I do like that picture of me, though. I rarely like photos of myself because I am a photographer and I always see the "errors" in it and criticize myself, haha.


Grace said...

Great post.


Karli said...

Hi KyAnn! How fun to read these "get to know you" Q&A's. WOW! You're such a talented gal, and your love for Jesus shines thru! It's great to e-meet you, and thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! Happy Wednesday! :-)

Trinka said...

I loved reading this, KyAnn!!! (yes, I know that it is now September, and this was written in March, but whatever:) Oh, and I just recently read Do Hard Things, and they mentioned you and Hannah, and Bloom! Okay, that is all. :)

Claire said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog, Kyann! I loved reading this post and learning a little about you. I love the idea of Bloom and I want to just cheer you girls on!

I was homeschooled for all 12 years of my education and I LOVED it. I always have a very special place in my heart for homeschoolers :) I'm glad you're enjoying it! I was able to graduate a year early because of the flexibility homeschooling gave me and I loved it!

God bless you!!!!