Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Issue Comes Tomorrow!

Hey girls and fellow readers and writers and photographers!

I just wanted to say that I think we should all give a shout out to KyAnn for organizing this whole thing. None of this would be here without her! She had an amazing vision for this magazine and now we all get to see it tomorrow. How cool is that? All of our hard work in one place. That's such a God-thing. Christian teen girls influencing Christian teen girls - that's what it's all about, don't you think? I'm pretty sure God is smiling down at us all right now. Don't forget that he loves us all!

--Mary Catherine

Bloom! Staff Writer


Hannah said...

I cant wait!


Emily said...

Yay! Kyann, you're awesome! =) I'm so glad I could be apart of this!

Miss K said...

Aww, thanks, girls! This made me smile! :) But, I really owe all of the credit to God-He is the one that made all of this possible!!

Also, I couldn't do this without all of you! You girls are such an amazing group of girls and I love each and every one of you!! Thank you for all of your hard work!


Anonymous said...

Wahoo! Nice job KyAnn! I'm so excited to recieve the webzine! YAY!