Thursday, September 2, 2010

Perhaps this is old news....

Hello, wonderful fellow staff members! Maybe you've heard this before, but I'm having a photography contest over at my blog...

It's on the sidebar; it's ~Life Through the Left Window.

Any way, I'm not sure if we're supposed to just get on here anytime and write a post, but I think it's okay!

I've been going through a lot of changes (it is my first contest) and you may have seen the rules earlier. Here they are as they will stand:

*It's called A [Slightly Odd] Photography Contest

*The subject is seating (that's where the odd part comes in)

*You can enter up to three photos

*If you have my email address, it'd be best to e-mail the pictures directly to me; if not, just post them on your blog and let me know

*There will be a runner-up and a winner, and likely some honorable mentions

*The FINAL (believe, there's been plenty) deadline is a week from now, September 9

Now, that may seem like short notice, but I started August 20 and have three entries. Please enter!

With joy and my computer,

Amy Hollis


Emily said...

I'd like to enter but I don't have your email address. Do you want me to put them on my blog?

Emily said...
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Amy Hollis said...

I'll send you a message on Bloom! with my e-mail address, Emily. Thanks!

Amy Hollis said...

Wait...which Emily are you? If you don't have an account, just post them on your blog and let me know here or at my blog,
Thanks again!

Emily said...

I'm Emily P I'm a writer for bloom so you can send me a message! Thanks! =)