Friday, September 3, 2010

Interviewing a photographer!

I think I have the right to post about this... But first you should get to know me. My name is Ashley Jean. I will be 14 years old this month. I live in Iowa with my dad, mom and 2 brothers. Along with another brother, moved out with his family of 5. I am a huge Christian and love photography. I enjoy reading, dancing, blogging, and taking pictures. I am so happy to be part of the bloom staff and you can find my photography blog here. Ok now back to the interview :)

I have come to the interest of interviewing a photographer. I have been wanting to do this but now I am really up to it. I have thought of many questions to ask. Prayed. Hoped. Thought more. And prayed much more.

 Things you should know before the questions come--
-The interview will be featured on my blog and can be featured on your photography blog if you want.
-I have a wide variety of questions you must answer at least 10 of them I already have 15+ questions. The questions are just about your photography (nothing is very personal)
-I will interview any of you if you have a public source (to your photos) on the internet for me to link to
-I will need at least 6 photos of your work and will except more :)

If you have any interest in this interview please just comment telling me so. If I get a comment or two or even more I will post the questions on a separate post on this blog. Just so you can see the questions then email me the answers if your interested :) I really hope to be able to interview one or two (maybe three) of you young ladies this is a huge opportunity for myself.

Ashley Jean


Hannah said...

Hey - I'd love to be interviewed! That's a great idea. =)

Allie said...

I would LOVE to be interviewed too!

Hannah said...

Splendid idea, Ashley! I'd love to be interviewed by you, dear!

Jo Bekah Photography said...

If you need another person, I'd be willing to be interviewed. :)