Monday, September 6, 2010

Something Beautiful Photography Contest!

Hello, girls! Rachel here. I have made up all the rules for this contest, as well as a name, and chosen the theme. I have decided that this will end on September 20th, exactly two weeks from now. I figured that that amount of time was not to little, and not too much. So, what you have to do to help me do this? Well, first of all, in advance, thank you to anyone who helps me!!! All you have to do is copy and paste the following rules and such into a new post on your blog, titleing it: "Something Beautiful Photography Contest" When the contest is over, I will select ONE photo from each contestants entry, and post them on my blog. Then, I will give ya'll the link to that post, and you can judge. And, when someone leaves a link to their entries, please, leave a comment so that they know they were entered! Oh, the FIRST THREE people that post about this will be judges. So, here is what you copy and paste: If this doesn't make sense, please comment!

Something Beautiful Photography Contest:

Hi! I am helping host a photography contest with my online friends! Please read the rules and enter!

Post four pictures on your blog. Be sure to leave a link back to this blog.
Come back to this blog, and leave a link to that post. Leave the link in a comment.
You will recieve a comment on that post so that you know we saw your entries!

You may only enter four photos.
They can be edited, please say how you edited them.
Photos must be your own, taken by YOU.
Photos must follow the theme.


This contest will end on September 20th, 2010. It starts today! Please enter and tell your friends!

There will be: ONE First place winner
And: ONE Second place winner
The winners each will recieve a pretty button saying that they won.

When this contest ends, Rachel will select one photo from each contestants entries and will post those on her blog! You can check them out, while the judges choose two photos out of that selection!
So, get entering! You will get a comment on your post so that you know your entry has been seen. :)


Rachel Hipps said...

Oh, you can also email me at
Remember, first three who post get to judge!

Allie said...

What do you mean link your name to your blog? I put up a post and I sent you an e-mail too.

Rachel Hipps said...

Oops! Um, just forget about that!

Ashley Jean said...

if you host the contest can you enter?

Rachel Hipps said...

Ashley Jean,

Hmmm. I didn't think about that. Okay, yes! You can enter, but not on your own post! Just enter at my blog:

And you can still host it with me and enter!

Ashley Jean said...

Just wondering... can I make a button for the winner of the contest?

Rachel Hipps said...

Of course!!! That would be wondeful! I will supply you with a picture for it sometime before the contest ends. :)

Ashley Jean said...

Awesome thank you!

Hannah said...

When entering the contest, where should the person entering link there post? This blog, your blog...? That's the part that confuses me. I'm about to publish my post about it:)


Rachel Hipps said...


If you just copy and paste what I asked, then the person will read that they are supposed to leave their link on the post that you made about the contest, make sense?

Rachel Hipps said...

I'm not really good at explaining things.... :P

Hannah said...

Oh, right, I saw that! So they're leaving there link at MY BLOG not THIS BLOG? Correct? I was just a little confused there.

Oh, I posted about the contest on my blog:



Rachel Hipps said...

Yep! :)

HC said...

Can I be on your blog list?


Emily said...

Hi! I posted about it just so you know!