Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Hi! I'm Emily and I'm a writer for Bloom!Magazine and I don't speak French, just so you know! I am a Christian homeschooler going into 10th grade. My interests include, walking barefoot, writing stories while drinking tea or coffee, Irish dancing, blogging and countless other things! I love socks and slippers and my favorite season is fall. I play the tin whistle, piano and have started learning the fiddle! I'm pretty bad right now but I hope to get better and be able to play a bunch of things! I'm really happy to be on the Bloom staff and having more things to write! Yay! =)

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Rachel Hipps said...

I remember you! You entered my photo contest, with some awesome photos. :)

Emily said...

I remember you too! Thanks! =)

Allison said...

Hi Grace, sorry about doing this on your post . . . but if anyone's listening, I haven't been added as an administrator yet. I left a comment several posts ago. So if someone could get to that . . . thank you!!


Rachel Hipps said...

Allison, can you leave your email address or email me at rachel.hipps12@gmail.com with your email address. Thanks!