Friday, August 27, 2010


Hello! My name is KyAnn and I am the creator and editor of Bloom! Magazine. I couldn't decide which picture I liked better, so I posted two, I hope you don't mind! :) I am 14 years old and I strive to serve Jesus in everything I do! Some things that I love to do are reading, writing, photography (with my new Nikon D3000), graphic design, and running Bloom! Magazine. I also enjoy hot chocolate with extra whipped cream and fuzzy blankets! :) I have two younger sisters, ages 12 and 5, and a younger brother, age 9.

Bloom! Magazine and all of the girls on the staff and the subscribers are such a blessing to me! All of us who make this magazine happen (aka: the Bloom! staff) appreciates you looking at our blog and we hope you enjoy it! Be sure to leave a comment thanking Rachel, one of our wonderful photographers, for creating this blog! ;)

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Bloom! Magazine Editor/Manager

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