Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hello Everybody!

Hello dear readers and fellow authors! I'm Sally (though here on blogger please call me Cornet Crazie), I'm 14, and a photographer on the Bloom! staff.

Hmm. Well, I'll start with this. I've always thought that God must have put me here on Earth for a reason, and I have come to understand that that reason is to share my music. Can music make this world a better place? I don't know, but I'm going to try. As you can see from the picture I'm a trumpet player (as well as playing cornet, trombone, clarinet, piano, bass, percussion, mallet/vibe percussion and many more instruments soon to come!) and I often surprise people with my abilities after learning that I'm only 14. There's even more surprised when I give them the list of instruments and tell them I conduct and compose and arrange music as well! It's a beautiful gift God has given me, and my musical talent makes me feel truly blessed.

But enough of that. What else do I do? Well, there's that place that I'm 'forced' to go to every day for nine months a year, five days a week. But really? I don't mind school that much. I'm going to be heading into my freshman year in three days time, and I have to say, I'm excited! I obviously love my band classes but I enjoy French very much and I'm a total history junkie, especially when it comes to the World Wars and the Holocaust.

Other things I love?

Church, Pilgrim Lodge (my church summer camp.), friends who are like sisters/brothers, my camera, skiing, snow, puffy white clouds, good books, colored pencils, Owl City, deep quotes, blogs, field hockey, being vegetarian, laying in the grass, my family, cute little kids, writing, poetry, hot french fries, luna moths, softball, the smell of valve oil in the morning, plants, purple pens, chipmunks, my MacBook, drawing in chalk, weeping willows, snail mail, my iPod, other band geeks just like me, and the true beauty of Creation.

~Cornet Crazie

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