Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hello, lovelies!

Hey, gals!  I'm Hannah - a Bloom! Staff Photographer who is super-excited to be a part of this wonderful organization that lovely Kyann has started.

Goodness, that didn't define me in the least. Many of the staff members are photographers, and I think we're all pretty excited to be a part of the fabulous Bloom! Magazine.  As for more about myself-

I am a daughter, sister, dreamer, blogger, photographer, and Princess of Christ.  I'm thirteen years old and am home schooled by my wonderful momma, and I am so grateful for the time my parents invested in home-educating me as a Christian.  I live in Missouri with my parents and three younger siblings who make my day...daily.  I'm a lover of chocolate, sewing,flipflops, coffee (preferably a White-Chocolate mocha from Starbucks, or even better, a Cappuccino from Rome, Italy, which is, of course, very rare), reading, singing, music, computers..and, of course, blogging.

I take violin, dance Ballet and Tap at a fabulous dance studio, and attend an amazing co-op where I take classes such as drama, speech, science, writing, and the like. 

I have a passion for finding beauty in the mundane (and the not-so-mundane) and capturing it with my camera.  I recently bought a Canon Rebel T2i, and, let's just say I'm in love.  I continue to improve in my photography.  I'm certainly not the best, but if I look at the photos I was taking a year ago, even six months ago, I see quite the improvement.  I am looking forward to seeing where this talent of mine brings me, and am so glad to be able to take pictures as a Staff Member here.

 I wish my life to be glorifying, beautiful, and pleasing to the Lord, but so many times I fall short of this. Jesus accepts me as I am, though, and for that I am eternally grateful. If it is God's will, my wish is to one day be a wife, home-schooling mother, and professional photographer.

I'm so excited to get to know you all through this site, and through the magazine.  If you'd like to find out more about me, you're welcome to visit my main blog or my photography blog


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Hannah said...

Nice bio! =) (I am extremely jealous of have a great camera!! ;) ) I don't often see/hear people say that they want too be wives...good for you for having the courage to say that! I know it isn't necessarily easy for me to tell people that's what I want to be when they ask me about the future. =)